Ruslan V. Borodich


Candidate of Sciences (Gomel University, Belarus, 2004)

Associate professor (2006)

FIELDS OF INTERESTS: Classes of groups

PRESENT POSITION: Chief of research sector, FranciskScorinaGomelStateUniversity


Have more than 70 research papers in mathematics, including the papers for the last three years:

1.R. Borodich, M. Selkin, About intersection of the maximal subgroups of finite groups, Vestnik of Samara univ. (Russia), №8(74), 2009, 67-77.

2. R. Borodich, M. Selkin, About F-advisible subgroups of finite groups, Math.notes. (Russia), V. 90, №5, 2011,727-735.

3.R. Borodich, O. Shpyrko, About intersection of the functor subgroups of finite groups, Vestnik of Moskow univ. (Russia), №5, 2011, 3-6.