Natalia B. Osipenko

доцент, кандидат физико-математических наук


Candidate of Sciences (Kiev Glushkov Institute of Cybernetics, USSR Academy of Sciences, 1990)

FIELDS OF INTERESTS: applied mathematics, applied statistics

PRESENT POSITION: associate Professor of the Department of mathematical problems of control, Vice-Dean on scientific work of students, FranciskScorinaGomelStateUniversity


Have more than 50 research papers in applied mathematics, including the papers for the last three years:

1. N.B. Osipenko, M.N. Vasenda Verification tools for software of  one-dimensional data analysis of active systems. Bulletin of the Vitebsk state University, Vitebsk, № 5(59), 2010, 12—15/

2. N.B. Osipenko, M.N. Vasenda, T.V. Satirova Development of the software tools of the one-dimensional data analysis in the study of medico-ecological systems.  Bulletin of the Grodno Yanka Kupala state UniversityUniversity. Series 2. Mathematics. Physics. Informatics, Computer technology and control. – № 1 (107). – Grodno, 2011, 125—131.

3. N.B. Osipenko, A.N. Osipenko, M.N. Vasenda, S.P. Zhogal, S.I. Zhogal. Applying the method of correlation and regression analysis in a production problem. Proceedings of the F.ScorinaGomelStateUniversity, № 4 (67), Gomel, 2011, 59—64.

FranciskScorinaGomelStateUniversity Sovietskaya Str., 104, 246019 Gomel, Belarus