Michael V. Selkin


Candidate of Sciences (Physics and Mathematics) (Mathematics Institute, Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, 1977)

Doctor of Sciences (Physics and Mathematics) (Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics, URAL Science Centre of Russian Academy of Sciences, 1998)

Professor (1991)


Honoured Education Worker of the Republic of Belarus (1997)

Certificate of Honour of the National Assembly of the Republic of Belarus (2002, 2004)



Problems of Physics, Mathematics and Technics (Belarus)

FIELDS OF INTEREST: Classes of groups


Professor of Higher Mathematics Department, FranciskScorinaGomelStateUniversity



Have 120 research papers, including the papers for the last four years:

1.M.V. Selkin, R.V. Borodich, On the theory of L.A. Shemetkov. BelarusianUniversity Journal (Belarus), No. 4, 2008, pp.17–21.

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4.M.V. Selkin, R.V. Borodich, On some peculiarities of f-abnormal subgroups of finite groups. Proceedings of the F.ScorinaGomelStateUniversity (Belarus), No. 3 (60), 2010, pp. 196–201.

5.M.V. Selkin, R.V. Borodich, On some peculiarities of f-abnormal maximal subgroups with designated index. VitebskUniversity Journal (Belarus), No. 3 (57), 2010, pp. 12–19.

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1.M.V. Selkin, Maximal subgroups in the theory of finite group classes, Minsk, Belarus, 1997.

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