October 1, 1930 Gomel Agro-Pedagogical Institute of People’s Commissariat of Education of the BSSR was founded. The term of study was two years. And the institute consisted of two departments:

  • physico-technical (graduates of this department taught mathematics);  
  • chemical and biological.

The first set consisted of 100 students, half of them studied at the physico-technical department. Persons with secondary education were admitted without entrance examinations. October 2, 1930 students started attending regular classes. The Institute was housed in various buildings, physical and technical department was located in Lange street.
The first was Class 1932, and in 1933 the Institute was reorganized and it became Gomel Pedagogical Institute with a four-year term of study, and the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics was formed. The first dean of the faculty was Alekhnovich Y.S., and then until 1936 Faculty was directed by Sternov A.A. From October 1936 until 1963 the faculty was headed without interruption by Glatenka V. D.

May 1, 1969 Gomel State Pedagogical Institute was transformed into Gomel State University. On the basis of the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics of Gomel Pedagogical Institute the Faculty of Physics and Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics were formed. Our teachers are among the first graduates of the Faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics. They are Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor Selkin M.V. and Ph.D. in Physics and Mathematics, Associate Professor Kharlamov V. I. Hereinafter, many graduates of Gomel University became candidates and doctors of sciences. In September 1977 the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics was renamed as the Department of Mathematics.