Galina L. Karasiova


Candidate of Sciences (Academy of Sciences of Belarus, Republic Belarus, 1998)

Associate Professor (2002)

FIELDS OF INTERESTS: Optimal control methods and their applications

PRESENT POSITION: Professor of Computational Mathematics and Programming Department, FranciskSkorinaGomelStateUniversity


Have more than 50 research papers in mathematics, including the papers for the last few years:

1. G.L.Karasiova, Constructive algorithm of the solution of the task of optimum control with phase restrictions in a class of multi-dimensional controls, Journal «Differential equations», Dep in VINITI 09.10.2002, № 2571-B02.

2. G.L.Karasiova, Optimality criterion of the discrete task of optimum control with an unstable initial condition, Collection of scientific operations of the F. Skorina Gomel State University, 2005, 94-96.

3. G.L.Karasiova, Optimality criterion for a management problem with rough quality criterion, Proceedings of the F. Skorina Gomel State University, No. 5 (62) (2010), 83–86.