Valery L.Mereja

доцент, кандидат физико-математических наук


Candidate of Sciences (BSU, USSR, 1979)

FIELDS OF INTERESTS: theory of optimal management

PRESENT POSITION: docent of Mathematics Problems of Control Department , FranciskScorinaGomelStateUniversity


Have more than 45 research papers in informatics and teaching, including the selected papers for the last years:

1. E.I. Sukach, D.V. Ratobylskaya, V.L. Mereja. Pobability-algebraic simulation of the characteristics of mechanical systems reliability/ Problems of Physics, Mathematics and Technics. № 2(3). – 2010. – P. 75-79.

FranciskScorinaGomelStateUniversity Sovietskaya Str., 104, 246019 Gomel, Belarus